*SAMPLE SALE* Numbers Blanket with 1 to 10 Ocean Animals
*SAMPLE SALE* Numbers Blanket with 1 to 10 Ocean Animals
*SAMPLE SALE* Numbers Blanket with 1 to 10 Ocean Animals

*SAMPLE SALE* Numbers Blanket with 1 to 10 Ocean Animals

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This is a sample version of the Winter 2019 release of the Numbers Blanket. I received a very limited quantity and they are marked down to 50% of retail price.

Sample blankets are not functionally defective (no loose or broken seams) - there are color or pattern variations from the retail product, or small areas of mis-prints due to the iterative digital printing process. For example, the letters may appear more light blue than the intended mint color or animals may appear slightly lighter or brighter than the final product. Photos shown on this listing are of a few actual samples.

Samples are either brand new or gently used only in photos used to communicate to the production partner. Washing before first use is highly recommended.

Sample blankets do not come with a gift box. All other product details are the same (see below).


This blanket took over a year in the making from the first brushstroke to final approval of the sample. In a world of fast fashion and immediate gratification, we want to offer something a little different.

Each animal was a hand painted watercolor painting, then digitally scanned and composed to create this education yet functional blanket. Don't need another blanket but appreciate the art? It comes with 2 top loops that can be used to hang as wall tapestry.

Other Details:

  • 100% pre-shrunk cotton muslin
  • 4 layers of huggable fabric. Light enough to take with you on trips, warm enough for cooler days.
  • 47 x 47 inches (120cm)
  • All your favorite ocean animals in hand painted watercolor, then digitally printed so the color will not fade after washing.
  • Machine washable on cold setting
  • Back side features watercolor ocean waves pattern.
  • More than just a blanket: it's educational and can be hung as wall tapestry using the top two loops.
All designs and packaging were hand painted or digitally created by Cathy Zhang, a self-taught watercolor artist, owner and chief creative behind Easy Sunday Club.