alphabet animals baby blanket made of 100% cotton muslin
Alphabet Blanket Sample Sale / 100% Donated
Alphabet Blanket Sample Sale / 100% Donated
Alphabet Blanket Sample Sale / 100% Donated
Alphabet Blanket Sample Sale / 100% Donated

Alphabet Blanket Sample Sale / 100% Donated

Regular price $60.00 Sale price $36.00

This is a sample version of the best selling Alphabet Blanket that I received in 2019. Limited quality at 40% off retail price.

Giving with transparency:

100% of the profit will be donated to Feeding America Org's Covid-19 Response Fund that helps to get food and funds to local food banks across the US.

Thanks to your support, this small business of mine has generated over $600 in donation so far! All past and future contributions will be split between the Creator Fund and the Feeding America Covid-19 Response Fund. 

Please read below before purchase so you know what to expect.

Sample blankets are not functionally defective (no loose or broken seams). I've listed some of the common imperfections below. Each blanket will have 1 or 2 of them but never all of them.

- Slight color variations from the final product

- Small areas of mis-prints due to the iterative digital printing process.

- The border fabric may be sewn too tightly resulting in unflat edges. It's still fully usable as a blanket and may be great as an extra blanket in the car or for stroller walks. That's what we do at home.

This batch of samples are brand new or used only in photos used to communicate to our production partner. Washing before first use is highly recommended.

There are two options for purchase:

- Blanket by itself;

- Blanket with a gift box.

All other product details are the same (see below).

Free priority shipping in the US on 2 or more blankets, or any order over $50.


This Animal Alphabet Baby and Toddler Blanket features 26 watercolor animals painted and designed by Cathy Zhang. Each animal is accompanied by the beginning letter of its name and its full name. Unlike most other illustrations on blankets, each animal was created as an individual painting, then scanned and digitally composed together into a blanket design. The painting and design process alone took 4 months!

This educational blanket is designed for more than just snuggling, tummy time, and as a daycare nap blanket. Although it is perfectly suitable for babies, it is meant as a keepsake for years to come as young children learn about animals and letters.

    All designs and packaging were hand painted or digitally designed by Cathy Zhang, a self-taught watercolor artist, owner and chief creative behind Easy Sunday Club.